Who We Are

K.Paulsen Botanicals is a Company that deals in Herbal/Medicinal plants from Southern Africa. Our C.E.O Kersten Paulsen has been in the Medicinal plant trade for over 14 years and has been sourcing and supplying to clients from all over the world. With our many networks of collectors throughout South Africa we are able to source and supply most of your needs from around the country. We harvest sustainably from the wild all under permit and have benefit sharing agreements for certain products. We are compliant with the new Bio-diversity Act.

What We Do

We have a processing facility in the Beautiful town of Knysna in the Western Cape of South Africa, we are working towards FSSC Standards. We dry and process products doing slicing, milling, tea-cut or rough-cut materials. We also have Oil presses where we do cold pressed Oils such as Rosehip, Baobab and Moringa

Steam sterlizing

We have a steam steriliser on site that we are able to sterilise depending on what form the product is up to 800kg per day